As If  Magazine 05/08/19
NRC 05/08/19
Expositie Andres Serrano toont Trump als man, mythe en kunst (DE)


The Guardian 04/19/19
All things Trump: behind Andres Serrano’s memorabilia museum


Widewalls, 04/19/19
Andres Serrano Paints a Portrait of Trump Using His Own Things


The Vulture, 04/22/19
For Decades, We All Ate Trump Up. Artist Andres Serrano Asks, ‘Why?’


Handelsblatt, 04/16/19
 Ausstellung in New York: Devotionalien statt Pinsel – Skandalkünstler Andres Serrano porträtiert Trump (DE)


Cicero, 04/17/19
Ausstellung über den US-Präsidenten – “Die Kunstwelt hat riesige Angst vor Trump” (DE)


Sputnik News, 04/17/19
So verkauft sich Trump: Krawatten, Hochzeitstorte und Riesen-Ego (DE)


Architectural Digest, 04/16/19
An Exhibition on All Things Donald Trump Has Just Opened in New York City


Beaux Arts, 04/16/19
L’improbable collection d’Andres Serrano sur Donald Trump


Musee Magazine, 04/15/19
Art Out: Andres Serrano’s “All Things Trump”


The Statesman, 04/15/19
New York exhibition showcases 1,000 Donald Trump objects


High Snobriety, 04/14/19
Artist Andres Serrano Spent Over $200,000 to Create a Trump Museum


CNN, 04/13/19
Exhibition showcases 1,000 Trump objects, from colognes to steaks


Hyperallergic, 04/12/19
The $200,000 Worth of Trump Paraphernalia Andres Serrano Bought for an Exhibition


New York Magazine Intelligencer, 04/12/19
Andres Serrano’s Absurd Museum of Trump


Observer, 04/12/19
Andres Serrano on Why Even Trump Haters Should Love His Pop-Up Shrine to the President


New York Post, 04/11/19
 Trump inspires new ‘museum’ by controversial artist
New York Times, 04/10/19
Andres Serrano Lets Objects Do The Talking
Artnet, 04/10/19
Artist Andres Serrano spent $200,000 on Trump Memorabilia. Now He’s Showing It All Off in an Enormous Exhibition


Newseek, 04/11/19
‘Piss Christ’ Artist Andres Serrano Opens Museum Exhibit Devoted To Donald Trump


Washington Post, 04/02/19
He dunked a crucifix in his own urine, his next artistic subject: Donald Trump.
The Art Newspaper, 03/29/19
Andres Serrano buys fake dollar bill showing Hillary Clinton behind bars
Daily Mail, 02/13/19
Infamous artist who uses his own urine in his work purchases a piece of Trump’s wedding cake for $1,880 and reveals he has big plans for the treat
Fox News, 02/13/19
Cake from Trump’s 2005 wedding sold to artist famed for submerging crucifix in own urine
New York Post, 02/13/19
Trump’s wedding cake sold to provocative artist known for dunking crucifix in urine
The Washington Post, 02/13/19
An artist famed for using his own urine just bought Trump’s wedding cake. His plans are a mystery
The Art Newspaper, 02/12/19
‘Piss artist’ Andres Serrano buys Trump’s wedding cake
Artsy, 02/12/19
The artist Andres Serrano bought a 14-year-old wedding cake from Donald Trump’s wedding
Vanity Fair, 02/12/19
What on Earth Is Andres Serrano Going to Do with Donald Trump’s Wedding Cake?